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Yes. You CAN make money doing only Freebies on GPT sites. Will it take a lot of time? Not necessarily. But start out slowly. And read through this tutorial first. In the long run it will save you a lot of time and will allow you to earn money just that much faster. And isn’t that your goal?


Sorry, AOL and Netscape users. AOL and Netscape recycle IP addresses so it looks like you have multiple addresses. Not only will this not help you get your offers completed, but it can also get you banned. Use IE or Firefox when working GPT sites.

Always complete offers from the IP you registered with. Dial-up users should check with their ISP to find out if they recycle IPs. Never log into your account from another member’s computer. And there is a strict rule on GPTs of only one account per household per site.


You need three things: two FREE email addresses (like from Yahoo or Hotmail) and, if you don't already have one, open a Paypal account.

When you register at a GPT site, be sure to give them your real phone number. They may need to verify that you’re a real live person and not someone trying to fraud the site. Very often that verification involves a phone call to you where you are given a Verification Code to enter on the site.

Also when you register at a GPT site, you will use one of your new Yahoo or Hotmail addresses. This will be an address that you check regularly for information on contests, promos, etc. Use ALL real information when registering. To do otherwise is considered fraud.

You will use the second free email account as the email account you enter for each offer. Why a separate account? Because you will be bombarded with junk mail. You also might want to consider getting even more free emails. Historically the completion rate is better if you vary your emails.

It is also recommended at this time that you do not use gmail. There is an easy technique, with gmail, for creating multiple email addresses. Some advertisers, now aware of this, will no longer approve an offer where the submitter uses a gmail address.

DO NOT use disposable email addresses. This is now being considered fraud by the GPT site.

And last but not least, set up a Paypal account. Some sites will only allow you to cash out through Paypal. Some give you several options. Have that Paypal account ready just in case.


Disable All Popup Blockers

For Internet Explorer -
On the top of the browser, click on "Tools" and then "Internet Options."A new window will open up. Click the "Privacy" tab and uncheck the "Block Popups" box (if it's checked) then click "OK"

Or when you click on "Tools" it might just say Pop Up Blocker. Click that and make sure it is Off

For Mozilla Firefox -
On the top of the browser, click on "Tools" and then "Options."A new window will pop up. Click the "Content" tab and uncheck the "Block pop-ups box (if it is checked), and then click "OK.

Accept All Cookies

For Internet Explorer -
On the top of the browser, click on "Tools" and then "Internet Options."A new window should pop up. Click the "Privacy Tab" and there should be a bar under "Settings." Lower the bar to "Accept all cookies."

For Mozilla Firefox -
On the top of the browser, click on "Tools" and then "Options."A new window should pop up. Click the "Privacy" and then the "Cookies" mini-tab. Make sure the "Allow site to set cookies" box is checked and the two boxes below are unchecked. Also make sure the setting "Keep cookies" is set to "until they expire".

To Clear Cookies

For Internet Explorer -
On the top of the browser, click on "Tools" and then "Internet Options."A new window should pop up. Under the "General" tab, press "Delete Files". A new mini-window should pop up and you should check the "Delete all offline content" and then press "Ok."Under the same "General" tab, press "Delete cookies" and then "Ok."

For Mozilla Firefox -
On the top of the browser, click on "Tools" and then "Options."2. A new window should pop up. Click on the "Privacy" tab and then the "Cookies" minitab and press "Clear Cookies Now."3. Then click on the "Cache" minitab (right next to the "Cookies" minitab) and press "Clear Cache Now."

Clear your cookies before doing an Offer and after you complete it and Submit it to the Site. Do not clear your cookies in the middle because you won’t get credit.

If you’d like to clear your cookies and cache automatically, you can download a free copy of CCleaner. For along time, I cleared them manually. I now use CCleaner.


(This information is ONLY for Freebie offers. I do not do ANY offers that require a credit card. I don’t enter my mother’s maiden name. I don’t enter my social security number. I don’t enter ANY credit card information. And you don’t have to either.)

Once you have registered at a site, Click on Offers. Look for Freebies and/or (under Freebies) email/zip/survey submits. Most sites will tell you what you have to do to get credit for the Offer. For some, you need to complete a full survey. For others, you just have to submit your email address or zip code.

When the list of offers come up, you’ll see a link to the Offer and either a box that has Submit below it, or a Pending link. Enter your site ID in the box and hit Submit. If a Pending link, just click that.

OK back to working the Offer. If an email/zip submit, let the second page load. It is best to leave this 2nd page up for 2-3 minutes to get credit. Some people feel they need to complete this second page to get credit. Some people like to complete a few additional pages. Either way, enter your ACTUAL name, address and phone number. The zip code and email address you use must be yours. And be sure to clear your cookies before every offer that you do.

For surveys, you only have to answer the items that have a red star. If the entire page has no red stars, just click Continue. Also, on surveys, like BigBucks, WinMoolah, etc after you enter your email address and click through to the next page, be sure to check your email account for a confirming email. (Yes, that junky email account so clean it out on a regular basis.) If there is a confirming email, be sure to click the link in it to get your submission to credit.

Next, LOG the offer that you have just done in a notebook, spreadsheet, index card, whatever. You can only successfully complete an offer at ONE site. To submit the same offer at multiple sites is considered fraud. Once you have clicked Submit on the Site, the Offer will go to your Pending file. When it is approved, it will move to your Completed folder.

During each of your sessions on a site, do not do multiple offers from the same advertiser like HotGiftZone or Brandarama. The likelihood of all Completing is slim.

(If you have any doubt about how to fill out an Offer, most sites have FAQs and Forums where you can find lots of answers, hints and help. You can email the Admin/Owner. And you can always email me and I’ll do my best to help you out. )

At this time, BEFORE you do another Offer, CLEAR your cookies. (See above). This is VERY important.

This is the ONLY part of my tutorial that could cost you some money. It is totally VOLUNTARY and it is NOT required. (And if you do decide to buy it, please know that I make NOTHING off your purchase.) Download the trial version of Roboform.

With Roboform you save your frequently used info like name, address, etc. A click of a button fills in the required info on a web site. It also stores your ID info and passwords for all of your passworded sites. A click takes you to the site, enters your info and logs you in. Plus, at the survey sites that have a bunch of Yes/No buttons, Alt = will automatically set all to No. This is a very big timesaver. At the end of 30 days, you can keep the trial version but you are only allowed 10 Passcards. For an unlimited number you need to buy the Pro version. I’ve got the Pro version ($29.95) and at this point I would not be without it.


Don't try to work every GPT site you find. Sign up for several, then work with them for awhile. You’ll soon figure out which ones you like the best and which ones work best for you.

Offers can take anywhere from Instantly to 7 days to approve. Don’t panic if they don’t credit right away. Just keep checking back. (I was on vacation and when I returned I found one had credited 13 days after submission!) After 7 days, if you’d like to redo an Offer, go to your Pending folder, hit Delete, and the offer will be returned to the list available to you. (Or, if there are a lot in your Pending folder, you can email the Administrator to Reset them. And the Administrator will be more than happy to give you some advice on how to be successful. After all, the Admin doesn't make any money unless your Submit is approved.)

If you haven’t set up your GPT account to send you email notices, be sure to regularly check the Inbox at each GPT site. That’s where you’ll find information about new contests and promo codes. These codes are very short lived and usually are limited (like first 100 people). These codes will add some extra money or points to your account.

Leave survey windows open a few minutes after completing them to make sure you get credit.

Also on surveys, if the first window that opens up does NOT ask only for your birthdate and email address, shut the window and don't bother doing it now. You won't get credit.

On ANY offer, if the second page that opens up already has your name on it, don't bother doing it. Close the window down. You won't get credit.

Don’t do too many Offers at one time. Do 6-8, then stop and come back later.


All GPT sites have referral systems that give you a percentage of everything each of your referrals earn. Most have a first and second level. I have seen some that have 5 levels! Keep in mind that while you can make money through your referrals, the significant bulk of your money earned will come from your own efforts on the site. There are several ways to get new referrals. This blog is one. (I’m hoping you’ll find the info here very helpful and will sign up at sites through the ads I have posted.)

Add your referral link to your signature on all your email accounts.

Hand out business cards with your referral link(s). Post them on bulletin boards. Leave on a table at a restaurant or at the library. Hand out to anyone who shows the slightest interest.

And a final footnote here: There is no guarantee you will be successful at this. I certainly cannot and will not make that guarantee. But these instructions, along with advice from site Admins and the many forums out there, will point you in the right direction.

Ready to make some money? Click here for my blog with lots of suggestions and up to date site info.

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